Why “Darling”?

The name Darling is a combination of “Darwin” and “Linux”. Darwin is the core operating system OS X and iOS build on.

Isn’t this violating Apple’s EULA?

No, no part of this project contains code covered under Apple’s EULA. As long as you are not using Darling to run something covered by Apple’s EULA, you are not bound by it either.

Why are you spending time dealing with apps that have better alternatives on Linux?

These applications turned to be good and simple enough for testing. You cannot build a complex project by focusing on something very complicated from the beginning. You have to start small and think big.

When will it run XYZ?

Absolutely no idea, sorry.

Do you support other platforms such as BSD or Windows?

Sorry, no. BSD may very well be possible, but Windows would take a lot of extra effort.

Will you support applications for iPhone/iPod/iPad?

The intention is to support the ARM platform on the lowest levels (the dynamic loader an the Objective-C runtime). Rewriting the frameworks used on iOS is a whole different story, though. See iOS Support Information.